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Interview with Shirish M Gadgeel, MD

Topic 1: Recent advances in the management of advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Topic 2: Case: A woman in her early 70s with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the lung receives carboplatin/paclitaxel and pembrolizumab as first-line therapy on the KEYNOTE-021 trial
Topic 3: Response to pembrolizumab and chemotherapy in advanced SCC of the lung
Topic 4: Efficacy of pembrolizumab alone or in combination with chemotherapy for advanced NSCLC
Topic 5: Choice of immune checkpoint inhibitor/chemotherapy regimen as first-line therapy for metastatic SCC of the lung
Topic 6: Results of the Phase III CheckMate 227 trial evaluating nivolumab alone, with ipilimumab or with chemotherapy as first-line therapy for metastatic NSCLC
Topic 7: Interim overall survival analysis of the Phase III IMpower110 study investigating atezolizumab versus platinum-based chemotherapy for metastatic NSCLC in the first-line setting
Topic 8: Cancer site and adverse events induced by immune checkpoint inhibitors
Topic 9: Genetic alterations in patients with SCC of the lung; rationale for targeting the ERBB signaling pathway
Topic 10: Results of the Phase III LUX-Lung 8 trial of afatinib versus erlotinib as second-line treatment for advanced SCC of the lung
Topic 11: Secondary analysis of LUX-Lung 8: Association of ERBB mutations with clinical outcomes among patients with afatinib- or erlotinib-treated SCC of the lung
Topic 12: Role of HER2 mutations and HER2 amplification in patients with NSCLC; incidence of HER2 alterations in patients with SCC of the lung
Topic 13: Targeting HER2 alterations with the tyrosine kinase inhibitors afatinib and dacomitinib in patients with NSCLC
Topic 14: Efficacy of the antibody-drug conjugate trastuzumab deruxtecan (DS-8201) in patients with NSCLC and HER2 alterations
Topic 15: Activity of T-DM1 in patients with NSCLC and HER2 mutations
Topic 16: Management of gastrointestinal side effects associated with afatinib
Topic 17: Activity of afatinib in heavily pretreated ERBB2 mutation-positive advanced NSCLC
Topic 18: Afatinib in patients with metastatic or recurrent lung cancer with HER2 mutations
Topic 19: Case: A man in his early 80s develops metastases to the liver during treatment with durvalumab after chemoradiation therapy for Stage III SCC of the lung and is found to have FGFR1 amplification
Topic 20: FGFR signaling as a target for NSCLC therapy; outcomes with the FGFR inhibitor AZD4547 in patients with metastatic SCC of the lung and FGFR alterations
Topic 21: SWOG-S1400 Lung Cancer Master Protocol (Lung-MAP) — Biomarker-targeted therapy for patients with previously treated Stage IV SCC of the lung
Topic 22: Case: A woman in her early 50s with ALK-rearranged metastatic lung adenocarcinoma experiences a dramatic response to crizotinib on the PROFILE 1014 study
Topic 23: Response to ALK inhibitors for ALK-rearranged metastatic NSCLC
Shirish M Gadgeel, MD
Mary Lou Kennedy Research Professor in Thoracic Oncology
Co-Leader of Thoracic Oncology Research Program
Associate Director for Cancer Care at
Networking and Affiliated Centers
Department of Internal Medicine
Division of Hematology/Oncology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Neil Love, MD
Research To Practice
Miami, Florida